The quail are here year round and if they can avoid the roadrunners and the weather is right in the spring, they can populate very easily. The yellow and black bird is
migratory, but loves to try to get some of the humming bird food. The humming birds come around the middle of April and stay till around the middle of October.
Sometimes we get 15-20 Hummers and other times like this year, 45-50 show up. They are going through 15 lbs. of sugar every 11 days. Click on the first hummer image
to watch a video of them. The mocking bird is really noisy from before daylight till after dark before they have babies, click on that image to hear a sample of their songs.

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Migratory-Stays for the Summer   About 30 Quail     Migratory-Side View

 Songs of the mockingbird    Click for video