We purchased a California King Simmons mattress from The Mattress Firm on Aug 26, 2008 in Las Cruces, New Mexico and was told it would be ready on Sep 4. We made plans to pick it up from the store
and called to make sure it would be there and was told it would be at a later date. Then we were called back and told it would be Sep 9 before it would be there. We had the topper taken off the pickup
truck and went to Las Cruces on Sep 8 and spent the night. We picked it up Sep 9 and brought it home, put it in the empty Cal. King waterbed frame and it fit perfectly. That first night I knew something
was wrong, the mattress should not have been soft where a person would normally sleep and firm in the middle. I woke up about 5 hours later with a terrible backache which took three hours to go away.
This went on for several nights, getting only 4-5 hours sleep a night and having the backache everytime I woke up. I finally started sleeping in the middle until my partner came to bed and I would have to
move over to the very edge where the mattress has double coil springs and was firm, but that area is only two coils wide. I was finally able to get a full nights restless sleep. I called the Mattress Firm and
they said the mattress was not covered under their return policy because it was special ordered and not covered under warranty because it did not sag 1 1/2 inches without weight on it. Within three weeks
of purchase , we had another mattress and removed the original from the frame. Jun 8, 2009 we sent in a warranty form to the Mattress Firm headquarters in Houston, Tx. repuesting an inspector come out and inspect this mattress and on Jun 17 got it back with a letter stating they do not deal with franchise problems. I called again to complain to the store in Las Cruces and was told the same thing about the warranty. That is when I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Souththern Colorado and New Mexico. The first response from a manager in El Paso, Tx. was the same thing we got from the store except he offered to give us a "good deal" on another mattress, and that this mattress was not covered under warranty. Why would we want to buy another mattress from a company that doesn't honor a defective mattress? I rebutted the response and after awhile the BBB closed the case with no response from the manager. That is when I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of New Mexico on Aug 10, 2009 and that is still pending.
What is so difficult about a company honoring a product being defective that they cannot replace it? This mattress cost $937, what if you bought a car and the drivers seat was so uncomfortable that you could only drive for 30 minutes? Then complaints to the dealer only got you "but the car runs" and then complained to the manufacturer and got the same response! I plan legal action through magistrate court if the Attorney General can do nothing
A link to complaints against The Mattress Firm of Las Curces.
This store is a satellite of the stores in El Paso, TX, which are currently not listed on the El Paso BBB website.