The X Prize Cup was performed at the Las Cruces air port in October of 2006 and was an event to be at. The prizes were all part of the x prize which Spaceship One won a large part of earlier that year and made national if not world news. It was the beginning of a new era where mere civilians will, some day in the near future, fly to the outer limits of the earth's atmosphere. Since that month, the spaceport north of Las Cruces has started being built thanks to the cooperation of three counties in that area and the support of the state of New Mexico. As soon as 2001 we in southern New Mexico may be able to see the rocket engine glow in the night sky as normal humans like you and I (except with a lot of money) reach upwards to touch the face of God.

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Entrance to the show   Wirefly was the sponsor    Quotes by astronauts    Just the Beginning    Flag rocket

Jayhawk rocket   Main Engine for the Space Shuttles    The First X Prize Winner     Vertical cargo entrant